My name is Milad, however you can find me under “Ravexina” username in different websites like: Github or StackExchange.

I used to program in different languages and I really like scripting languages such as “Python”, “Perl”, “Bash”, etc.

These days I’m really into GNU/Linux operating systems, I’m spending a lot of time to manage, learn about and teach this kind of systems to others. I’ve got some experiences with different distributions like: Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Slackware, Centos and many more. My favorites ones are Debian and Arch. It’s been years that I’m running highly customized versions of Ubuntu and Debian as my default operating systems.

What else do I like? Novels and music.

Contact me

If you like to contact me then simply send me an emāil at Ǧmāil, you know what my user name is, right? ;)